Know Us


Studio 9 gives photography a fresh and redefined edge, with the ultimate goal of bottling moments that can be treasured as timeless gems. Ever since our advent, 32 years back, we have been preserving moments with the essence of their euphoria, forever intact! We have raised a team of skilled photographers who are adept at the capturing the spirit of every occasion, with an editorial and photo journalistic approach.


Adorning the special and significant moments of life that can be relished time and again, even after they cease. This is carried out through our unmatched expertise in photography; expertise, that allows us to bejewel our clients with smiles and joy. Our vision reflects Studio 9’s core belief: ”Every moment has a memory of its own”.


For us, photography is not just about capturing a moment’s aura so that it lasts a lifetime, but also about holding the stark essence of emotions in a mere photograph. Through this, the spirit of emotions can be felt more than once and each time, in its true flavor. We value every feeling that brims from joyous moments and therefore, we strive to preserve this aura in a way that is sure to bring smiles with a mere glance at your photos. This is what sets us apart from others.


We make everything special! We are the pioneer of adorning nuptial ceremonies. Capturing and reviving the celebratory aura around wedding bells is what we are skilled at! Our versatile photo journalistic approach diversifies our photography not just traditionally but also incorporates techniques to freeze candid gestures that never escape our keen eyes. Studio 9 is always decked up to capture these memorable shots!